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Hi, I’m Adrian, your trusty Grill Meister. You probably didn’t end up here by accident. You’re here because you’re looking for the best quality grillz, not just for any ol’ grillz. So, why get grillz from the master?

  • As a trained dental technician I learned my profession from scratch

  • Only certified and high-quality materials are used for my grillz

  • I’ve focused on grillz for years and gained lots of experience 

  • Your grillz will fit perfectly and will give you many years of pleasure

Grillz are not only jewelry, they are both statement and lifestyle. Therefore, individuality and quality are the basis to build your grillz on. You and your teeth deserve only the best.




Yellow Gold Grillz

yellow, gelb, gold, grillz, grills, GM Grillz, Grill Meister, Berlin, golden,

Solid 18k yellow gold directly from the dentist. Certified, fair trade and extra long-lasting.
Price starting at 411,- €

White Gold Grillz

white, gold, golden, grillz, grills, GM Grillz, Grill Meister, Berlin, weißgold,

Solid 18k white gold directly from the dentist. Certified, fair trade and extra long-lasting.
Price starting at 445,- €

Tooth Colored Grillz

tooth colored, grillz, grills, GM Grillz, Grill Meister, Berlin, tooth, color,

Fangz made of polymethyl methacrylate. Individual, natural look and biocompatible.
Price starting at 225,- € (per pair)

Chrome Grillz

chrome, chrom, grillz, grills, GM Grillz, Grill Meister, Berlin, chrome grillz,

Grillz made of chrome cobalt molybdenum for the perfect silver look. Long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and biocompatible, of course.
Price starting at 223,- €

Iced Out Grillz

Iced out grillz, grills, GM Grillz, Grill Meister, Berlin, iced out,

VS/VVS diamonds are set by hand into your golden grillz. The ultimate luxury for you and your teeth.
Price starting at 732,- €

Special Grillz

special, grillz, grills, GM Grillz, Grill Meister, Berlin, amazing,

You decide whether hand-engraved, special design or unique color. There’s no limit to your fantasy. Nearly everything is possible.
Price upon request

Watch me in action

Watch me in action


100% handmade

Your individual tooth jewelry is handmade by me for you, with lots of love. My many years of experience, passion and creativity flow into each piece of jewelry to create a perfect unique piece for you.

Frequently asked questions & interesting facts about my



Frequently asked questions

You might have a few questions about grillz. Below are some answers to questions that I’m frequently asked. Just send me a message if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Because your grillz are custom made for your teeth, you can easily put them on and take them off whenever you like. The caps click softly over your teeth – of course without affecting your teeth or your health.

I always recommend taking your grillz out when sleeping, eating or playing sports. Though unlikely, there is a small risk that your grillz will be damaged, or swallowed during these, or similar activities.

Retainers or dentures are always a challenge. In these cases, I have to take a look at your impression first and then discuss with you how your wish can be fulfilled. Don’t worry, I’ve always found a solution so far.

It depends on the material of your piece:

  • Yellow and white gold Grillz – You can soak them for a few minutes in boiled water or clean them very carefully with a cloth for jewelry or glasses cleaning.
  • Chrome Caps – Can either be soaked in boiled water or cleaned very carefully with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste (not while wearing them).
  • Tooth colored fangz – Should NOT be soaked in boiling water. Please just clean them carefully with a soft toothbrush.

When not wearing your Grillz, please keep them in the membrane box that the piece arrived in and avoid putting them on hard materials like table tops.

As soon as I have received your imprint and payment, I will start my work. Within four weeks I’ll let you know you can pick them up  or send your piece back in an insured parcel. Whatever is easiest for you!

The price for your dental jewelry depends on the material, your design and the amount of teeth/work involved. A chrome canine tooth starts at 194,- €. The ultimate vampire look with fangz in your tooth color starts at 195,- €. A price list will be sent to you via email upon request.

As with so many things in life from at least 18 years of age. Your jaw changes a lot in your youth that's why. It's better to benefit from grills for a long time.

How you get your Grillz…

To start, I need an impression of your teeth and there are three different ways we can do this:

  • In the store | Visit me at my store and I will make the impression directly onsite. Simple as that.

  • NEW Online-Shop | Order a DIY-kit and simply follow the instructions of my video tutorial. SHOP NOW

  • Pop Up Event | We can find a date at one of my pop up events in another German city. You can find the dates for the upcoming events in my Instagram Bio. Contact me for more detailed information if desired.

  • Dentist | If none of the options above are suitable for you, we can do the whole thing by mail. In this case I would ask you to have your impression taken by your dentist, or an orthodontist and send it to me.






You can find me in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg near the „Bornholmer Brücke“. The tram stops at Björnsonstraße. It’s only a 250m walk from there to your new Grillz.

Aproved quality

We only use the highest quality material for your grillz and of course have our quality certified.

Yellow gold (PDF)

Heimerle und Meule seal of quality

White gold (AM 78)



Mommy won’t love your Grillz – but let’s be honest to each other: You’ve been always a bit different.

Grill Meister